Newsletter May 2012 . Hepatitis B and C Public Policy Association

This newsletter conveys the message by Dr. Mark Thursz, EASL Secretary General, commenting on the successful outcome of the annual meeting of the Association held in Barcelona, along with an interview with the discoverer of HCV, Dr Michael Houghton, on the perspectives for a vaccine to prevent and treat this lethal infection. Prof. Jordi Bruix from Barcelona, the founder of modern hepato-oncology, shares a talk with us on the needfor standardized guidelines and future research lines for HCC, whereas Dr Kevin Fenton from CDC Atlanta, addresses the never ending issue of the cost-utility ratio of population screening for HCV counterbalanced by the thoughts of Charles Gore:newsletter-may-2012-of-the-hepatitis-b-and-c-public-policy-association

Última actualización: 26/01/13